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Rituals & Traditions That Nurture Strong Families

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Traditions That Bring Families Closer

Extraordinary moments often masquerade as ordinary life and when kids look back, these are the memories that will define family for them.


The Secret of Making a New Year's Resolution You Can Keep

Here's how to make that resolution a plan, instead of just a wish.


10 Simple Ways To Improve Your Parenting, No Resolutions Necessary

Post these and read them daily. I guarantee you less drama and more love.


New Years Rituals for Families

Try these simple, inspiring ideas to give your kids both roots and wings as they head into the new year.


Three Thanksgiving Gifts for You and Your Family

Striving for that magazine-spread holiday will only stress you out so you yell at your kids. Let it go and strive for these three gifts you can give your child.


My Valentines Wish for You

No child is beyond your love. No love you give is ever wasted. And love never fails. So, whatever the question, love is the answer.


Teenager pulling away from family

It's normal for teens to want to establish their independence, which can mean a bit of distance. But teens do still need to know their parents are there for them.


Why kids need rituals

Children need rituals to understand what will happen. They are an important tool to help kids feel secure in what they must experience as a chaotic world.


A Few Tweaks Can Take Your Summer from Good to Fantastic

How you can create a summer that brings you closer, minimizes fighting and whining, makes your kids happier and healthier, and eliminates begging for screens.


Family Rules, Creed, Mission Statement?

It's a wonderful idea to hang your family "creed" or mission statement in your home, to inspire both adults and children. But stay away from lots of "rules"!