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Talking To Kids About Sex

Parents can help children develop a positive view of sex and their own bodies, learn what behaviors are socially appropriate, and learn respect for others' bodies.


Mom discovers child has been sexually abused. What now?

The child needs help from a counselor experienced in helping kids who've been sexually abused. Sharing our shameful feelings and thoughts is how we heal.


Possible sexual abuse of neighbor's child?

Mom brings up some concerning red flags about neighbor's child. Whether or not to approach the child's mother about it is a decision she'll need to make.


Safe to leave baby with older boy who's been molested?

Just like in other situations that pose risks, this Mom shouldn't leave her son unsupervised with this child, who may not be able to control his impulses.


Should kids listen to the other Dr. Laura's radio show?

If you are listening to it with them and are there to discuss the show, it could be an opportunity for a wonderful discussion.


Weaning a Toddler: Fixation on Breasts

It's very common for toddlers to need to touch their mother's breasts for comfort or to fall asleep for as much as a year after weaning.


What To Call Child's Genitals?

Our culture's simultaneous discomfort and fascination with sex leaves most parents feeling awkward naming their child's sexual organs.


What Every Parent Needs to Know to Keep Your Child Safe From Sexual Abuse

Parents think a discussion about "stranger danger" is sufficient to protect kids from sexual abuse, but most kids are molested by someone they know.


Helping Girls With Worries about Puberty

Preteen girls often harbor great anxiety about adolescence. Creating a ritual Treasure Box is one way of supporting her through this challenging time.


Staying Close to Your Tween Daughter

If you can adjust your parenting to her new needs, the tween years are the perfect time to strengthen your relationship with your preteen daughter.