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Dr. Laura talks about the book

Dr. Laura talks about the book
Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids


Markham turns some commonly touted advice on its head, but not without first building a convincing case for her assertion that peaceful parenting is based upon unconditional love and connection. In this compassionate yet practical text, Markham deftly leads parents down a gentler, kinder path to raising emotionally intelligent and happier children.

- Publisher's Weekly

Those of you who are parents will appreciate that perfection is an ever-shifting mirage. But Dr. Laura Markham can bring you close. An angel in mufti, Dr. Laura has written a book that no parent can afford to be without, Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids: How to Stop Yelling and Start Connecting. Frankly, it should be handed out with every baby. Most parenting books focus on changing your child's behaviour; Laura's focuses on regulating your responses, staying connected, and coaching instead of controlling. "We all want to raise children with whom we stay close, children who adore us, children who carry on our legacy of love when we've gone," she writes. Because who ever enjoyed being controlled? So buy it as an early Christmas gift!

- Antonella Gambotto-Burke,

The best parenting book I've read - Dr. Laura Markham's new book...offers such comprehensive and practical and wise advice for raising children that I can't see a need for any other parenting book! Dr. Markham's basic premise is that if we maintain our connection with our children, then our relationship with them will transform, as will all the challenging issues that arise on the child-raising journey.

- Astra Niedra, Baby Dialogue

Dr. Laura is always tuned in to what kids need so they can thrive, and what moms and dads need so they can parent well. If you want to feel more confident and peaceful as a parent, this is the book. Dr. Laura helps you understand what drives your child's behavior, and gives you the practical tools to change it.

- Elizabeth Pantley, author of twelve parenting books including The No Cry Sleep Solution

How do kids learn empathy for other people and for non-human animals? By experiencing it themselves. Dr. Laura Markham's Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids is a welcome reminder to parents to be more compassionate with themselves, so they can foster better brain development in their children. Practical and parent-friendly, she gives step-by-step examples of how frustrating daily situations can be resolved so children flourish emotionally. The perfect new baby gift to support parents in raising children who become good citizens of the global community.

- Gay A. Bradshaw, Executive Director of The Kerulos Center

Having Dr. Laura Markham on your bedside table is like having an angel on your shoulder, whispering useful secrets in your ear.

- Jack Canfield, Co-author, Chicken Soup for the Parent’s Soul and Chicken Soup for the Mother’s Soul

This is THE book that was missing from my repertoire of gentle parenting resources. This is THE book that I read two times in a row while barely coming up for air. The is THE book that has actually showed me, in a palatable manner, how to be the patient, non-voice-raising mama I knew I could be.

- Jennifer at Hybrid Rasta Mama

Dr. Markham insists that we start by looking inward. Your world reflects you. My own mother has always told me this and I have resisted, but Markham has plenty of evidence to show it's true. Peaceful Parent, Happy kids...offers really solid advice on becoming a better parent and person. 

- Kelly Rogers Victor, KALEandKANT

Dr. Markham's sensible and loving approach to parenting is a must-read for all those who have or work with children. It boils down to one simple principle: We need to control ourselves and connect with our children. Those who appreciate the wisdom of attachment parenting and genuinely want to parent from a place of love rather than fear will find practical guidance in this book.

- Laura, Socratic Parenting

Peaceful Parents, Happy Kids has two important ideas, and one revolutionary idea. Dr. Laura Markham’s guidance on fostering connection and coaching instead of controlling are the important ideas, and they can make a huge difference in your life as a parent.  Her explanation of why parents need to regulate ourselves first—before we can help regulate our children--is the revolutionary idea.  Read it and you’ll see why she calls her work ‘Aha! Parenting.’

- Lawrence J. Cohen, PhD, author of Playful Parenting

A much needed resource for parents...encouragement and actionable advice for strengthening parents' connection with their children, and for taking care of themselves...Such a user friendly format for (often) weary parents.

- Lisa Sunbury, Regarding Baby

The Aha! moment in Dr. Laura Markham's Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids is that attachment isn't just for babies. Attachment provides the foundation for the growing child to learn emotional intelligence, empathy, and responsibility while he masters his environment. Dr. Laura teaches by example, holding parents with compassion as she gives them priceless, easy to use strategies to create a secure, healthy attachment with their child.

- Lysa Parker & Barbara Nicholson, Founders of Attachment Parenting International, and authors of Attached at the Heart: 8 Proven Parenting Principles for Raising Connected and Compassionate Children

I read Dr. Laura every day and I can actually feel my brain being rewired. I sense myself making continual progress towards the mother I want to be. I'm learning to love myself unconditionally along the way, too.

- Mamammalia, Biologist and Mom-Blogger

Dr. Laura shows parents how their empathy can wire their child's brain for emotional regulation and happiness -- and a brighter future for humanity. A simple, revolutionary, message of love.

- Nancy Samalin, author of Loving Your Child is Not Enough

I found Aha! Parenting almost two years ago, at a point when I really needed it, and it turned things around for me in an instant. Every single article from Dr.Markham is helpful and inspiring. Her parenting advice is practical and effective, and comes from a place of the deepest love and respect. Her positive parenting strategies have been invaluable to me and they are at the core of who I am as a parent.

- Ness at OnePerfectDay

Based on her popular website, Dr. Markham has put together a solid how-to book for parents who feel their family has gotten out of control. Most of the advice is about changing the way we adults think and act–and once we step it up, our kids’ behavior will dramatically improve.She tailors her advice for parents who have babies, toddlers, preschoolers and elementary age children. The tone throughout is warm and fuzzy, but I know that her compassionate parenting ideas work.


If you’re a parent who has been trying hard with your child, with mixed results, read this book. Peaceful Parents, Happy Kids can change your parenting life. Dr. Laura Markham shares an invaluable set of insights that are new to the world of parenting. She will show you how to deliver your love and guidance in a truly nurturing way, and how to avoid parental burn-out in the process.

- Patty Wipfler, Founder of

If you want to declare peace in your home, follow Dr. Laura Markham's original and authentic advice. With her emphasis on taking responsibility for our own emotional states as parents and connecting rather than controlling, Dr. Laura offers us suggestions that help us to create strong relationships with our children. If we all followed Dr. Laura's advice, we would indeed change the world.

- Peggy O'Mara, Founder of

I love Laura Markham's sensible, informed, calm and warm approach. She is one of only a very tiny handful I would consider a 'real parenting expert'. If you are a fan of the Aha! website then this book will quickly become your new childcare bible!

- SJ Ockwell-Smith, Author of BabyCalm

You can be a more peaceful and effect parent, says Dr. Laura Markham, who many of you know through her popular website, Aha Parenting. Her new book, Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids, is full of encouragement and easy-to-apply advice to help you raise happy, emotionally healthy, self-discipline kids.  Underlying Markham’s advice are three big ideas: (1) the importance of managing our own emotions and actions as parents. (2) how children thrive when they feel connected and understood, and (3) how coaching instead of controlling helps kids deal with their feelings and make wise choices. You’ll find suggestions throughout the book  for nuts and bolts ways to put these ideas into practice as your child moves through each developmental stage.

- Work & Family Life Newsletter

What PaRENTs Are Saying

"I have turned into something of a parenting-book junkie since my daughter reached age 15 months and made me feel like I was losing my mind. You know the type...she would hit the dog, I would say no, then she would look me in the eye and punch the dog. Anyway, since then I have read at least 12 parenting books, and this book is definitely in my top 2. My only caveat is that I come from a long line of yellers, and I am doing my best, but sometimes my volume goes up. Dr. Markham teaches to never ever raise your voice, and I'm trying, but that's where my other top 2 book comes in: How To Talk So Kids Will Listen... (Faber and Mazlish). If you absolutely must raise your voice, they describe how to do it without ruining your kids. These books are quite complementary in my mind: Dr. Markham's is the big picture and How to Talk expounds on the details. If you don't read any other parenting books, please read these two. I just wish this one had been published when my daughter was born! "

- Mother of 2 year old girl

"I am halfway through Chapter 3... it is going so slow because I have SO many notes that I am making along the way. Great book to help start you on a more peaceful path to non-violent parenting."

- S. Petters

"If you wish to find a way to parent the way you dreamed of when you first held your baby in your arms this is the book."

- S. Pearson

"Absolutely love this book! I bought multiple copies to share with other parents searching for the right parenting method. Most of the mainstream best sellers did not feel right."

- B. Lukomski

"The BEST part of this book is that it focuses first on us, the parent, explaining how regulating and changing our behavior, and modeling that, will change the relationships we have with our children..I have been recommending this book to all of my friends. It's easy and quick and amazing."

- Melissa B.

"Using the advice in this book, I started doing more intentional connecting with my son every day -- roughhousing and playing connecting games. In just a few days, I saw a huge difference. Implementing Dr. Laura's advice feels SO good all around."

- Oregon mother of 2

"Dr. Laura's work has profoundly changed my parenting...I recommend it to anyone who was raised in a home where they were yelled at and/or have become yellers themselves. There is a better, more effective way to relate to and guide our children. The title really says it all."

- April

"The book has many ideas that can help parents stop yelling and over-reacting and really start parenting calmly and effectively, even during stressful situations. From meltdowns and power struggles to outlining more positive ways to deal with unacceptable behavior, the book is a fantastic resource for parents that want to really enjoy parenting and have a house full of truly happy children."

- Ariadne

"Following your advice has meant our son rarely has tantrums anymore. Dr. Laura's advice really works and makes being a parent (and a child, I'd say) much better. I don't pretend I am perfect all the time, but she helps me to learn and do better by my son."

- Beatrice, mother of two year old boy

"This book changed my relationship with my kids. It gave me a good insight that understanding kids instead of yelling at them changes them so much. My son is so much more cooperative since I started empathizing with him and connecting with him. Thank you Dr Laura."

- Christina, mother of 3

"I’ve searched high and low for parenting guidance that is sensible, simple, effective and adaptable. That does not heap guilt upon me. That strikes a chord so it’s easy to remember when I need it most. I have found it in Dr. Laura Markham. My relationship with my 4 year old has improved 1000 fold since trying your methods. The way you teach this simple message of love has made it revolutionary for me."

- Daniela, mother of 4 year old and 2yr old girls

"Easy read, age appropriate examples of various techniques to help you model dialogue with your child, and she speaks to the research/psychology/neurological reasoning behind it all. A must read!"

- Fizzy, Mother of 4 year old

"In my opinion, this is the book they should send you home from the hospital with. Every parent will find it useful. Every child will benefit from the methods promoted in this book."

- Ishmael, father

"I'm a brand new mama and highly interested in becoming a gentle parent. The words of this book resonate with my heart. She helps make my ideal parenting style attainable with clear, organized examples and detailed suggestions. Even though my little lady is still quite tiny, I can use this book now and also 3, 5 and even 10 years from now. I know our copy will be well loved as we learn how to best love our child and future children."

- Jen, new mother

"If I thought for a minute that this connection-based parenting style was resulting in a bratty, selfish, entitled, walk-all-over-you kid, I would drop it like a hot potato and look for something else. Thankfully, I don't have to, because I find just the opposite. My daughter is almost 9, we have a great connection, she is thriving and a pleasure to be around."

- Jennifer, mother of nine year old

"Putting all of Dr. Laura's theories together into some cohesive themes in one place is really useful and practical. I like that she has overarching ideas, but also provides real-world, practical strategies for dealing with our own emotions or certain circumstances. This is going on my must-have list for new parents."

- Katy

"When you know in your heart you don't want to yell at/spank/punish/blame/threaten/bribe your children it can be hard to know what else you can do. This book has been perfect for me in providing practical ideas for how to do things differently, I'm only half way through and it has already helped me enormously and I have a more peaceful family already. Thanks to Dr Markham for your blog and this book."

- KP Lockhart, Australia

"I have been following Dr Laura Markham's website, AHA parenting; this book summarizes the best of several year's teachings, in a way useful for everyone, parents, as well as grandparents. It's OK for child to show emotions, negative as well as positive, better when parents try to understand the tears, instead of turning them off, or tuning out. Highly recommended reading for all!"

- Michael

"How many time parents/ caregivers (and I) have said "I wish kids came with a manual", well now you have the manual! Laura Markham has made it possible. Whether you have an an idea of what you are doing and just want reassurance, or you just don't have a clue and wish for the best possible outcome for your children, Laura Markham has it sussed!"

- MJ Picot

"As a mom to 3 under 4 I struggled. This book has helped my home go from a highly stressful environment to a more relaxed home. I understand now what I've to do, my kids co operate (not all the time) and listen more. I think this book should be a mandatory read and it would change our world."

- Nat

"As many people have said before, I wish I had run across Dr. Markham years ago, but "it's never too late". "

- Patty T

"The book makes parenting fun--she encourages laughter, silliness, zaniness and goofiness. It's really the magical ingredient that can many times get lost in day to day living. She has creative ideas to connect with even the smallest opportunity."

- Patty, mother of 2

"I haven't purchased any parenting ("discipline") books until this one, and I feel like it will be the last parenting book I will ever need to buy. This book is not a quick, one-time read, but rather a reference to have close by at all times. I highly recommend this book! As Dr Laura has said, Always Parent with LOVE!"

- Rashonda, mother of 17-month old girl

"There is so much pressure to use punishments and manipulative rewards to discourage bad behavior and reinforce good behavior. This book gives parents permission to parent with love and compassion and without hardening their hearts to their child's needs and feelings. I heartily recommend this book to parents of young children, the sooner the better."

- Samantha

"My son thanked me this morning for reading this book. He said I am turning into the mom he always wanted. "Even if it means you don't always get your way?" I asked. He replied, "It's easy to learn from my mistakes when you aren't yelling at me about them." I almost burst into tears. This book is amazing, and by reading it I showed him that it is never to late to change your ways."

- Shannon, mother of 8 yo boy

"I love this book! The book helps you understand a child's perspective and what children want and need from their parents. The three basic principles make sense and are backed up by research. There are also practical hints about how to put them into practice."

- Tamsen, mother

"This isn't another "techniques" parenting book - it's a way of life. This book isn't another book trying to find creative ways to punish your kids, but it's instead about connecting and having a great relationship with your kids. It isn't about being a perfect's about being the type of parent you WANT to be. I'd recommend this to ANYONE with kids."

- V. Ward

"This book has definitely changed the way I approach parenting. It gives me ideas on how to interact with my daughter and since I've started implementing some of the ideas, there has definitely been a change on how my daughter and I interact with each other. More love and understanding...that's what the entire world needs. The effects of this book will leave lasting effects and in turn change the world."

- Y.A., mother

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