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Connecting with Your Child

As our infants grow into toddlers and do less nuzzling and more NO-ing, how do we maintain a strong connection while setting the necessary limits?

Can we keep the relationship close as our child starts daycare or preschool and we teach her to problem-solve and navigate her own path?

As our kids move into the school years and out into the world, how do we stay connected so they WANT to follow our expectations?

And as our kids evolve into teenagers -- when we get fired as the boss -- how can we make sure we have the necessary trust and intimacy with them so that we get rehired as consultants?

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Building a Great Relationship with Your Child

Want to be a great parent? The secret is to create a closer connection with your child. It isnà ¢Ã¢ €š ¬Ã¢ €ž ¢t enough that we tell our children we love them. We need to put our love into action every day for them to feel it. And when we do that our kids need a lot less discipline!

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What's Connection Parenting? Q and A

Connection Parenting is parenting that comes from our love, instead of our fear.

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Why You Need To Re-Connect Daily

All parents need to repeatedly reconnect with their children, just to repair the daily erosion created by life's normal separations and distractions.

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5 Secrets for a Closer Bond with Your Child

Intimacy is the glue that holds families together, connects us over the years, and gets us through the hard times.

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Playing with Your Child: Games for Connection and Emotional Intelligence

What if I promised that if you play with your child on a regular basis, they will become more cooperative, and you will feel more energized? What if it helped you become a happier parent?

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10 Habits to Strengthen Your Relationship with Your Child

Daily connection habits that can change your life.

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