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Helping Siblings Get Along

If you have more than one child, you're bound to have some sibling rivalry. It's very, very hard for children to have to share us. In fact, when a younger sibling is born, virtually all children worry that they aren't good enough -- why else would their parents have gotten a newer, younger, model?

In addition to sibling rivalry, kids can have personality clashes, or clashes because they're different ages and want different things --or because they're close in age and want the same things!

Finally, like other humans who live together, even the most loving siblings have bad days and conflicts. And kids don't have the perspective to know it's not necessarily the other person's fault, or the skills to work out differences.

But your children can be friends for life, and your parenting can prevent and even transform sibling tensions. How?

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Siblings 101

All siblings will fight, but there's a lot parents can do to help kids get along better and appreciate each other more.

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Helping Siblings Communicate Instead of Fight

Research shows that when we let siblings "work it out" without guidance, the more powerful child wins, which reinforces bullying behavior. There's a better way.

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Why Kids Bicker and How To Help Them Stop

How to coach your kids to learn how to resolve their arguments before they escalate.

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Teaching Kids To Share

We all want our children to be generous. But that isn't what they learn from forced sharing. Try self-regulated turns instead.

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How To Intervene In a Sibling Fight

Your guidance can help them develop more impulse control. They're both furious, but you can help them breathe through their rage and put it into words. Here's how.

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How to Help Each Child with Big Emotions

The hardest part of having more than one child is those times when they both need you at once. After all, your love may be unlimited, but you only have two hands. Here's your gameplan.

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Can You Prevent Sibling Fighting?

Conflict is a part of every human relationship, and kids learn from fighting. But you can reduce fighting, and make the fighting that does occur more civil. Here's how.

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Should you make your child apologize?

Forcing children to apologize may be teaching all the wrong lessons. Here's what to do instead.

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Bickering in the Backseat: How to Cope on the Way to School

It's finally the first day of school. Their excitement is tinged with nervousness, naturally. And who better to take it out on than their brother or sister, next to them in the back seat?

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When Your 3 Year Old Hits the Baby

Most kids need your help to manage their complex emotions about the new baby. Your step by step plan for intervening.

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Preventing Middle Child Syndrome

Studies have found that middle children are often less close to their parents and struggle with the "identity crisis" of not having a specific role in the family.

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Supporting Your Oldest Child 

How can you give your oldest child the support she needs to thrive?

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Coaching Your Youngest Child

Younger sibs may idolize their older sibs and get demoralized trying to keep up. Here's how to empower your younger child.

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